"Pixel Escape 2" Game

Original title: Pixel Escape 2


Help the pixel man in the game Pixel Escape 2 to escape from the imprisonment where he found himself during his journey around the world. He's a little confused, he's lost his way and so he's fallen into the clutches of an aristocrat. And he is a human trafficker. It just so happens that our hero was thrown into a dungeon, but he managed to escape and now he must hurry. The farther he escapes from the castle, the better. In front of you will see the road and the little man running along it. On the way he will meet many obstacles and obstacles, as well as soldiers who have been sent in his footsteps in pursuit. They have an order - to stop the fugitive by all means. Control the hero with the keys. Let him perform maneuvers and jumps to avoid the chase and get to his destination.


Press A/D or Arrow key to move the role.