"Neon 2048" Game

Original title: Neon 2048


2048 games are a cool way to improve your math skills. Learn how to do the numbers by playing. This game is much more interesting than you think, just try it once and you can't tear yourself away. The neon design will make your pastime unforgettable. Make up number combinations to get the sum of 2048 in the final. Try it right now!

In front of you is a table with free blocks. You always start with the lowest number in the game, which is 2. As you start to move the block, other values will appear. Blocks with the same numbers can be added together to get a new number. Thus, you have to make combinations until you get 2048 points. The amount of points earned can be viewed on the table above, it will be constantly updated. But do not think that you can win so quickly and easily. As soon as there are no free cells on the working field to move the blocks, the game will end and you will lose. So try to add up the numbers as often as possible.


Merge same number together to double the score.