"Ludo Online" Game

Original title: Ludo Online


The casual game Ludo Online will become an absolute favorite for fans of board games. It will come to the rescue in those moments when it is impossible to create the conditions for a full board game or find the right company. When you open the application, you will see in front of you a playing field, divided into a certain number of cells. These cells form a kind of maze leading to the center of the field. To make a move, you have to throw dice. The fallen out of them will show how many cells you can move forward, and you only have to choose, on what path to go. The winner is the one who manages to get to the center of the playing field faster than the rivals. Do not forget that some cells are fraught with danger. Once on one of them, you can get caught. In Ludo Online there are several gaming modes. You can fight against the computer or another randomly chosen player. Also, you can always play with a companion who shares your love for board games.