"Black Hole.io" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Black Hole.io


Natural disasters do not lead to anything good, in addition, they leave a number of unpleasant consequences. This happened in our game as well. Black holes have formed in the city. Now they are small, but absorbing everything around them, they began to grow. Holes are rapidly moving around the city and destroy everything in sight. Now you have to control one of these holes. Your task is to make your black hole get bigger. Control your hole with the control buttons and move around the city in search of various objects. The other black holes will be controlled by other players. The most interesting thing is that you will also be able to absorb them, but on condition that they are smaller in size. If the opponent's holes are larger, then you should be wary of them and avoid them


Press and hold mouse button to move your black hole and eat objects if its smaller than you.