"Jump to Survive Escape" Game

Original title: Jump to Survive Escape


In this game you have to jump in time. You would think, what's so interesting? Try it and see that the game is not as simple as it may seem at first glance.

Jump to Survive Escape

On three levels of the path in front of you are obstacle cubes. The object of your control is a small cube, most likely made of ice, because it slips very quickly. Your task is to jump in time and not let him crash into obstacles. The speed of the game is very high, the obstacles on the way are becoming more and more difficult to jump in time. But you're not looking for an easy way, are you? The tracks are constantly changing, to get rid of the monotony. Sometimes you will get bonuses instead of obstacles, they add stamina. Collect the maximum number of points, set records in speed jumps!

Play on our site online, without registration and for free. Let this game will brighten up your leisure interesting!