"Cats Mahjong" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Cats Mahjong


Discover a relaxing game of mahjong! But not the classic one, but... cat mahjong! The game Cats Mahjong invites you to dive into your own fascinating journey. So, mahjong lovers, you probably already noticed the unusual dice with funny kittens? Free them! The rules are simple - find two identical images of cats. It is important that at least one side of the dice must be free. That is, you can't choose a dice that is between the other two. To win, find all pairs and remove them from the playing field. There are twenty-one levels in the game of Cats Mahjong. In addition, there is a time limit. For example, to pass the first level is given ten minutes - it's more than enough, even if the child will play. Of course, there will be hints - with one of the buttons you can show the pair, if you can not find it. There is also a button that shuffles all the dice - be careful and use it wisely! If you suddenly can't concentrate, you can turn off the music and sounds in the game - maybe this will help you pass a particularly difficult level. Cats Mahjong game will suit all fans of classic mahjong. But even if you're a fan of dominoes, sudoku and chess, you're in the right place! The game will be a great test of attention, improve memory and concentration, and cute cats will not let get bored


Use mouse or touch to play this game.