"Bomber Ball" Game

Original title: Bomber Ball


Bomber Ball is a game in which you have to guide the ball through an area while avoiding all possible obstacles. In this game there are 2 types of obstacles - bombs and spikes. Faced with them, you will lose and the game will have to start over.

Show your attention, in the exciting game Bomber Ball!

This game is ideal for both boys and girls of different age groups. After all, to develop the above qualities, it is never too late! It is worth noting that this game has no time and age restrictions. This game is quite simple, but nevertheless it is very interesting and fun.

Also in Bomber Ball, you can compete with your friends, brothers, sisters, about which one of you will set a new record. It is worth noting that this game can only be played from your computer. To control, you will need a computer mouse. Have fun and interesting time!