"Blockroyale" Game

Original title: Blockroyale


In the world of Minecraft as not fighting, it is something to build. In the game Blockroyale you will also do this interesting business. Do you like to build? In the game Blockroyale you can fully prove yourself. There are no restrictions, everything depends solely on your imagination! True, there is a theme to build and time to build. The faster you build, the more stars you get!

Prove yourself a true building ace in the game Blockroyale

The main task of this arcade game is to collect all the blocks, except for those that are colored black (in case of his absorption, you lose). Each level has a scale of passing and an indicator of the amount of experience. Over time the game becomes more difficult: the figures become more, they begin to rotate, adding explosive elements that can drop the black dice right on you.

The game will be interesting for both boys and girls from six years old, and even for adult players.


Place block/vote
Remove block
Change blocks