"Rescue the kangaroo" Game

Original title: Rescue the kangaroo


A fascinating quest with a lot of diverse puzzles awaits you in this game. A kangaroo has been captured by hunters, you need to concentrate, show concentration and shine with logic to save the animal.

Solve a difficult quest for the noble goal of the game

Rescue the kangaroo awaits those who love to rack their brains for a challenge. It's easy to solve if you know the algorithm, but in this game you're left to guess what all the active objects can mean, and what secret they conceal. Incorporate logic, imagination, out-of-the-box thinking and ingenuity. What could this board of letters mean? What word is the password to open the door? You are sure to conquer all tasks if you get involved in this adventure and show persistence and patience.

Solve the logic puzzle in this interesting quest on Zarium online and for free, controlling the mouse. Save the kangaroo by pumping your brain.