"Audi TTS Roadster Puzzle" Game

Original title: Audi TTS Roadster Puzzle


Many people like to do puzzles. It's fascinating and addictive. If you are among the fans of puzzles and puzzles, then the game Audi TTS Roadster Puzzle on Zarium is designed just for you. And if you, at the same time, are a fan of Audi cars, then you simply must download the game on any convenient gadget and consider the new Audi sports car in detail.

Explore the Audi TTS in detail

Not only fascinating, but also informative game that reveals all the details and details of the new Audi TTS sports car. Put the picture together correctly and examine the car from different angles. Color, dimensions, motor power, acceleration - the appearance and technical capabilities of this beauty are impressive.

You will be available for 6 pictures in 4 different modes with the image of a car. Choose your own mode of difficulty, which is 16, 36, 64 and 100 separate segments into which the image is divided, and admire the resulting picture.