"BMW X6 Puzzle" Game

Original title: BMW X6 Puzzle


The developers present to your attention another puzzle game. This time car enthusiasts are lucky, because they have to collect pictures with the image of BMW car. This game will shake your brain and attentiveness. The game features six pictures and four levels of difficulty - for 16 pieces, 36 pieces, 64 pieces and 100 pieces. Choose a picture and start playing. You will be able to look at the picture for a few seconds, and then it will shatter into small pieces. Drag and drop items from the sidebar to the main field and collect the image with cool cars. This game will allow you to spend time in a fun and useful way. Demonstrates all your abilities. If suddenly you have difficulties, you can ask for help, and take a hint. The rules are known, so go ahead - demonstrate your skills in collecting puzzles.