"Corsair Girl Escape" Game

Original title: Corsair Girl Escape


A pirate girl is in trouble. Help her escape from a strange and unfamiliar place. Corsair Girl Escape is a colorful flash game for the smartest and most resourceful. Become a detective in just one click. Explore the area to find more clues and puzzles. Solve puzzles and riddles that should lead you to rescue.

You will have a limited number of areas available to you. Move between them using the arrows, and look around. You'll be able to pick up various items and take them to your vault. You can see all the items you pick up on the right. Any object can be your ticket to freedom. Be careful, not everything can be found very easily. Hints can be anywhere. Try to match all the clues you find to solve the puzzles. Click on items to pick them up, or move them around.


Use Mouse to Play