"Virtuous Girl Escape" Game

Original title: Virtuous Girl Escape


There have been plenty of escape games like this before, but Virtuous Girl Escape on Zarium has great graphics and simple gameplay controls.

Help the girl sneak her way to freedom.

Vivid drawing will help you have a great time and pump up your logical thinking and attention. You don't have many moves to get to the exit, so think before you act. The hints and items can be hiding anywhere, so carefully examine your surroundings. You have 11 slots at the bottom of the screen for different kinds of items. Among the puzzles you'll have to overcome are: charades, mazes and puzzles of different difficulty levels. Don't give up hope! There is a way out, even from hopeless situations!

You can play Virtuous Girl Escape on Zarium for free without registration from any device with an active internet connection. Come and you are sure not to regret spending time on such an exciting game. There is always a way out! The main thing not to lose Ariadne's thread!