Ultimate Bottle Shooting Game

Original title: Ultimate Bottle Shooting Game


The essence of this game is that you shoot different weapons at glass bottles. If you fail, you have to start the level all over again. You can choose the location to shoot. Successful completion of the game depends only on the time you have to pass the level or the entire game, raising yourself for the day ahead.

Demonstrate accuracy in the Ultimate Bottle Shooting Game!

The variety of weapons will not make you bored. The game features beautiful artwork and design that will immerse you in the atmosphere. The game can easily be played by an inexperienced beginner, as well as a person who has played more than once. You will have at your disposal a lot of different missions. The game helps to develop areas such as accuracy, attentiveness. Anyone can play it, regardless of age and gender, as there are no restrictions. While playing the game you will get a lot of feelings and emotions.