The Plumber Game - Mobile-friendly Fullscreen

Original title: The Plumber Game - Mobile-friendly Fullscreen


Puzzles are not only fun, but also very useful for children. Thanks to such games, children develop logical thinking and navigate more quickly in difficult situations. They also learn how to connect the parts correctly to get an overall result.

Connect the parts of the pipeline in The Plumber Game - Mobile-friendly Fullscreen

According to the plot of the game, there has been an accident on the pipeline and you need to minimize the negative consequences. You need to assemble a new pipeline as quickly as possible to reduce pressure levels and dangerous emissions. The problem is that it was brought in parts and you need to quickly assemble them into one mechanism. Each part has special directional arrows on it. Therefore, it is not enough just to glue all the parts, you need to do it correctly. The game is multi-level and with each level will become more difficult.