"The Barbie Jigsaw Puzzle" Game

Original title: The Barbie Jigsaw Puzzle


In this game you have to collect a puzzle. There are eight different pictures to choose from and three levels of difficulty. Choose the appropriate game mode and enjoy.

How fast will you collect a puzzle in the game

Your task in this game is to collect a puzzle. The game is sure to please girls of all ages. The ability to choose the level of difficulty makes the game interesting for everyone. In general, the game is designed for children, as in the area where you need to add a puzzle will be translucent image, which facilitates the assembly process.

There are eight pictures to choose from, all of which are somehow related to the theme of Barbie. A simple, kind game for girls that will attract attention and contribute to the development of intellectual skills. When you collect the picture as a reward you will see dozens of balloons, which you can burst.