Solitaire Classic Games

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Original title: Solitaire Classic Games


If you're a real card game fan, then you should appreciate Solitaire Classic Games. This is your virtual opportunity to become an experienced player and fully learn solitaire strategy. Solitaire is a rather popular card game that has conquered the hearts of millions. Become another one of its fans right now. If you are new to this business, remember a few simple rules that will help you understand the essence of the game. You have four stacks of cards that are designed for different purposes: base, auxiliary stack, main stack and columns. To win, you must move all the cards to their respective columns. Sorting will take some time, because you can't get the next card until you move the very first one. Doing this will not be as easy as you think. You can move cards between columns with your mouse. Click on the selected card and drag it.