"Solitaire" Game

Original title: Solitaire


Solitaire game is a modernization of the legendary solitaire card game. By compiling a Solitaire game, the player will need a certain knack for anticipating moves. But, this is the whole point and interest. The goal of Solitaire is to win, and in order to do so, the solitaire game must necessarily come together.

Play and develop your intelligence

The Solitaire game is exactly the kind of fun that is designed to completely absorb the player's self-awareness. During the entire solitaire game you have to think all the time and come up with different strategic moves. To win, must be all without exception pictures that are on the playing field to move to home base. At the end of the game the winner will receive a loud fanfare and colorful fireworks!


Enjoy Solitaire and thanks for playing