"Sniper Stag Hunter" Game

Original title: Sniper Stag Hunter


Be a real hunter in the action game Sniper Stag Hunter and develop your marksmanship and shooting skills. Grab your rifle and head into the woods to hunt deer. Be careful, take your position and look around. When the deer appear prepare your gun and aim it, and then shoot. If you hit the deer, you will kill it and receive a trophy along with prize points. Deer should live freely in the wild, so it is better to hunt these graceful animals exclusively online. Anyone can do it in the online game Sniper Stag Hunter. The game does not require any special skills. All you need is to find a deer, aim and shoot. To control it, use your mouse or click and swipe your finger on the screen of your device.


Please use keyboard arrows for move hunter and use mouse to control the gun