"Realistic Air Hockey" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Realistic Air Hockey


Realistic Air Hockey is an amazingly realistic air hockey simulator that you can play together with your friends. During the game you will have a unique opportunity to find out how well you play, as well as a great practice and even become the best. The rules remind the soccer that here too you need to try to score the ball in the gates of your opponent. It will be very interesting, but don't think it will be too easy. You will have to show maximum dexterity, attention and dexterity. Use your computer mouse to kick the puck and aim it right at the goal. Do not forget to control the score of the game, so as not to lose. Have fun as it should be and enjoy this exciting game. Good Luck!


The air hockey game is similar to football. You need to try and push the ball in between the goal posts of your competitor.