"Pond Race" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Pond Race


Help a plucky frog get from one side of the pond to the other quickly in the online game Pond Race. Your frog can jump over green jugs as well as logs and large friendly fish. However, there are dangers in the pond: avoid encounters with snakes, sharp rocks, and large poisonous spiders. Win this exciting racing platformer game by safely jumping over obstacles and crossing the finish line in the shortest possible time. Think through and plan each of your jumps and be careful before you jump. Lilies, logs, and fish can't hurt your frog, but snakes, rocks, and spiders can send your frog to the beginning of the level. Achieve cool results in the game and share your achievements with your friends on Facebook. Play this colorful game and enjoy your frog's journey in the Pond Race game.


Clic or tap the place where you want to go.