"MX OffRoad Mountain Bike" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: MX OffRoad Mountain Bike


Your task is to drive through the mountains, along the edges of the cliffs, no matter what. You need to reach the roadblocks to pass the level. Enter the big world, extreme downhill!

Show how extreme you are in our game

This game, you can play, only from your computer. However, it is worth noting that this game, you can play with a friend on the same computer. Choose who you want to be, a player number 1 or 2. If, you have chosen number 1, then use the WASD keys, and for the player number 2, use the arrow keys.

MX OffRoad Mountain Bike - This game is great for both boys and girls of all ages. So, compete with your friends and show everyone that you are the best extreme. Have fun, you have fun!


Game Controls:
Player 1: "W,A,S,D"
Player 2: "ARROW KEYS"

If the bike gets stuck anywhere, use the re-spawn button. (or use "R" key)