"Moto Racer" Game

Original title: Moto Racer


In Moto Racer, we invite you to take part in a motorcycle race. Compete with other competitors, beat them on the track and be the first at the finish line. Collect on the track coins which will allow you to improve your bike and buy new uniforms for the racer.

The Moto Racer game - the race has begun, come to the finish line first

The tracks on which you will compete, present many surprises. You have to overcome the steep climbs and descents, while managing your bike skillfully to not crash and stay in the race. On the track will come across obstacles in the form of crates that can lead to an accident and you end the race early. Crates can break the wheel of his bike, or let your rivals do it for you, and then you just increase the speed to catch up with the gap. After successfully overcoming all thirty levels available in the game, you will become the absolute champion and an ace in bike control.