"Monster Truck Freestyle 2020" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Monster Truck Freestyle 2020


Monster Truck Freestyle 2020 is an unbelievable game that you will appreciate from the very first seconds. The thing is that here you can not just, but need to show all your ardor, even impudence. You can allow yourself to be unrestrained and a little crazy, because you get behind the wheel of a monster truck and rush forward. What is waiting for you there? Several insanely dangerous and interesting missions that are not easy to complete. Unless you agree to abandon your usual measured life and go to the continuous risk. You will have to climb mountains, drive zigzagging, overcome obstacles, and that's not all that awaits you. So get behind the wheel of the monster truck and take turns completing all the missions to succeed and finish by collecting all possible level points.


Acceleration – Up Arrow
Left turn – Left Arrow
Right Turn – Right Arrow
Reverse – Back Arrow
Brake - Space