"Modern Commando Combat" Game

Original title: Modern Commando Combat


Get ready and act as a hero shooter to kill your enemy as a gangster and terrorist commando in this world war Modern Commando Combat. Demonstrate your professional shooting skills and reaction speed to kill all the enemies on the battlefield. Go to the battlefield, be careful and cautious. Keep moving through the maps and complete the missions. Each mission has several levels and to proceed to the next mission you have to complete all levels of the previous one. Before you start a level you will be presented with several weapon options. Be careful, you have a limited amount of bullets, but if you run out of them you can switch to melee combat. Use arrow keys and mouse to control the weapon. Playing this game will appeal to all lovers of rovers and shooters.


Use WASD or arrow keys -> Player movement
M Key -> show/Hide Map
Left Mouse -> Fire
X Key -> Crouch
R Key -> Reload Gun