"Mango Mania" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Mango Mania


We all love to eat, and monsters are no exception. The mysterious jungle monster is just delighted with mango fruit. Help the kid get to the cherished treat, and overcome all the obstacles and traps on his way. There are many uncharted levels ahead of you, so be ready. Control the monster with the left mouse button. Click on it and it will start moving. Keep in mind that the trajectory of his movement is strictly in a straight line. As soon as he meets an obstacle - only then will he stop. To turn it in the other direction, just click on it at the moment when it will be standing. To jump, use a double click. Don't forget to pick up sparkling diamonds, because they'll come in handy too. The game has a table of incredible achievements, by completing all the tasks on the list, you will get different ranks.