"Mahjongg Candy" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Mahjongg Candy


If you're looking for a game for the mind, then Mahjongg Candy is made for you. This is a Chinese puzzle game that will win you over with its addictive process. Practice and learn on the easier levels to test your abilities on the harder stage. You have a complex design with lots of chips in front of you. You have to find the same tokens depicting the goodies and connect them. If this pair is correct - it will disappear and you will earn points. If not - keep looking. Each task is designed for a limited amount of time. You can keep track of it using the timer on the top left. The game will give you small hints if you get confused. To create a pair of chips, left click on them. You also have the ability to move the chips on the field, click on the appropriate button at the bottom and the order of the sweets will change.