"Lof Tetriz" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Lof Tetriz


This game conquered the hearts of millions of players around the world many years ago. We are talking about Tetris. Lof Tetriz is a return of the familiar Tetris analog, which can't help making not only children happy - even adults feel nostalgic for the times when each of them had this virtual toy in their hands. But only now you are presented with a new version of Tetris, with the nuances that you can get acquainted with the game. In short, it's one weightlifter, or rather, the blocks with his image. If you manage to place one of these cubes, which you strongly displease, it will push it down. That way you will make room for subsequent arrivals of blocks. And the rest of the rules remain the same. You have to try to lay out as many rows as possible without any gaps.


Use left, right and down keys to move the blocks. Use up key to rotate the blocks. Alternatively you can tap or click buttons to do the same. Your target is to fit the blocks to make a row of blocks.