"Lion King Simulator: Wildlife Animal Hunting" Game

Original title: Lion King Simulator: Wildlife Animal Hunting


The stunning role-playing game Lion King Simulator allows you to travel through the jungle as the mighty Lion. The evil king of beasts runs through the jungle in pursuit of his prey to catch and eat it. Enjoy the thrill of this game allowed you to become a real Demonstrate your skills of stalking, hunting and survival in the wilderness. This simulation game is made in three-dimensional graphics. Play this exciting game can both children there and adults. Go to this amazing three-dimensional world of the jungle and feel yourself in the role of the king of the beasts. Run through the jungle, explore every corner, find and track your prey and finally try to chase and catch it. Use the arrow keys and mouse to control, when playing with a mobile device, use the touch screen. Play this game can gamers of all ages. Start this simulator and enjoy hunting in the skin of a lion.


Use WASD or Arrows to walk, Left Shift to run, Mouse - to hunt.