"Duckling Rescue Series1" Game

Original title: Duckling Rescue Series1


Our cute little duck is called Webby. Everyone knows her, because she always helps everyone. But this time she is asking for your help. The duck is raising five beautiful babies. But while Webby was doing her homework, someone kidnapped them. As it became known later, it is the work of treacherous villains.

Hurry to save the ducklings

Our heroine now and then that she cries. She does not know what to do, because find their own babies on their own, she can not. You have to help her.

Little time has passed since the disappearance of the little ducklings, so there is hope that they are still alive. You will have to fight the poachers, but in an unusual way. Now only your attention and wit will help you.

Look around on the sides. All items and objects that will come to your eyes, mean something. You will have to solve all the riddles and codes to open all the locks. Solving puzzles one by one, a door will open in front of you, behind which are the little ones.


Mouse Interact