"Jungle Adventure" Game

Original title: Jungle Adventure


Traveling through the wilds of the jungle in Latin America you've stumbled upon a mysterious puzzle game in the style of tetris. Colorful squares with a mysterious pattern in Jungle Adventure on Zarium are begging for you to try to make a mosaic out of them.

Get us three in a row - in the game blocks in an unfamiliar language tell you

You have to move the blocks on speed, trying to make combinations of 3 of the same color or more. Such combinations will vaporize and give you prize points.

However, time is running out and more and more blocks appear from below. The playing field gets smaller, and when the top block touches the "ceiling", the game is over.

Apply your logic and dexterity to swiftly rearrange adjacent squares and create combinations of the same color. You can change the color of adjacent blocks.

Test your skills!