"Indian Challenger Puzzle" Game

Original title: Indian Challenger Puzzle


All fans of motorcycles and puzzles are dedicated to the game Indian Challenger Puzzle. Do puzzles in a fun and easy virtual adaptation of this puzzle game. In the main menu, choose one image you like. There are several in the catalog, so you'll be able to put together different puzzles. Click on the carina and start the game. Now, you should select the difficulty mode. The more puzzles you have, the harder it will be to resume the picture. In total, there are several modes in the game 16/36/64/100 pieces. Try to start with the smallest number and slowly move to the professional level. When the preparations are done, you can enjoy the assembly to the fullest. Drag and drop puzzle pieces onto the working field, and try to resume the image on your own. You can use the hints. Also, try to set your own speed record. The timer at the top will mark the end time.