"Fruit Pop Bubbles" Game

Original title: Fruit Pop Bubbles


In this game, you have to shoot down balls in order to get fruit. It is worth noting that to do this, you will have a weapon at the bottom, which you have to direct to one side or the other. This game consists of a lot of interesting and exciting levels, each one a little bit more difficult than the previous one. There is no time limit here.

Develop and have fun, together with the game Fruit Pop Bubbles!

This game is extremely interesting and addictive, even though it seems primitive at first glance. It can be played by both boys and girls of different age categories. It can be played both from a smartphone and from a PC. Your choice depends on how you like it best.

Also here you can compete with your friends and prove who of you is more resourceful and dexterous. Have a nice and interesting pastime, together with the game Fruit Pop Bubbles. Good luck!


Shoot and pop all the colored balls in this game aim carefully and hit the targets