"Four Colors" Game

Original title: Four Colors


In the card game Four Colors at Zarium, based on "Order Fool," which goes back to the Chinese game "mau-mau. You can practice your logic, sharpen your skill at making quick decisions in a changing environment, and develop your short-term planning ability.

To win the game, the advice is to get rid of the cards faster than the other players

The game will offer 1 to 3 opponents with whom you will share a deck. It consists of cards of 4 colors suits with numbers from 0 to 9, but is somewhat unusual: there are special cards that signal the action or inaction of other players, but the game has hints about the meaning of some cards.

You must cover your opponent's card with the same color or number. If there is no matching card - pull from the deck. When the last card is in your hand, press "1".

Have fun playing!