"Forest Survival Simulator" Game

Original title: Forest Survival Simulator


The main character of the game Forest Survival Simulator became the only survivor of a terrible plane crash. However, his luck ended there. The hero found himself all alone in the wild forest and now he has to survive in these conditions. In addition to the cold and hunger your character is waiting for a lot of different tests. So, in the forest wanders a huge number of wild animals. Who do not mind to eat fresh meat. Moreover, there are cannibals living in the forest. They are probably the most serious danger to you. In addition to the fact that you need to defend against enemies, you should not forget about the need to maintain your energy and health. In the forest you can always find fresh berries, mushrooms, various roots and of course game. Collect wood and stones. From these materials you can create shelter and even weapons.


Look ingame help menu.