"Connect and Merge" Game

Original title: Connect and Merge


Connect the lines of numbers that randomly fall out on the field. Play this logic game can be infinitely long, but it does not become annoying.

Collect into beads of long nasty digits.

On the playing field there will only be even numbers, starting with 2. You need to connect as many of the same numbers in a chain at a time. This will give more game points and allow you to move faster to the next levels. It is worth carefully consider your moves so as not to get to a dead end in which there are no more moves. In the absence of subsequent moves the game will have to start over. It's great to play and train your attention, perseverance. The game is suitable for almost everyone who loves numbers.

Connect the numbers can be along, across and diagonally, the main thing is not to break your own path. In place of connected and assembled into one number, the next numbers will fall from above in random order. This complicates and lengthens the game.

Play Connect and Merge on Zarium for free without registration. Tell your friends about the colorful game and compete to see who will build the longer chain and get the maximum score.