Original title: COLOUR BALL FILL


Catch all the colored balls in COLOUR BALL FILL

COLOUR BALL FILL is a colorful puzzle game where the player is required to fill an empty container with balls. But it's not as easy as it seems. Fill the cup can only be done with a special cannon. It shoots when you click on it. Even this may not be enough, since the container itself is far from the cannon. It is impossible to move the cannon, which complicates the gameplay a bit.

To advance further, the player needs to change the direction the balls fly. This is done with a yellow disc that can be moved on a wooden pole. Change the position of the disk so that the balls bounce off it and fall into the glass. Charges in the cannon are enough to pass the level. Everything else depends on the skill and reaction of the gamer.


How to Play Ball Fill Drag to Adjust and Bounce the balls to fill Bucket Fill all the buckets with balls to level up