"Cliff Diving" Game

Original title: Cliff Diving


Cliff Diving is a jumping game. Have you ever watched an athlete jump off a cliff? They use a variety of towers for this, and the higher it is, the more gracefully the jumper enters the water. From the outside it seems that nothing difficult, but in fact, to master jumping from a springboard, you need to have excellent physical training. The main character wants to become a champion in this business, but he has no money for training in the pool. So the hero decided to go to the cliff and start training there for free. The coast is dotted with rocks, and working out a jump there is quite possible. The hero managed to find a very comfortable cliff, where there are several ledges and you can spend a full training. Help him, he's still a novice in this business and can jump to his detriment. Use the control buttons to make him push off, flip in the air a few times and enter the water head down, otherwise you won't get any points.


Jump and dive, enter the water the straightest you can. Hold click to prepare and then release to jump.