"BMW 8 Series Puzzle" Game

Original title: BMW 8 Series Puzzle


A smoothly outlined circle with blue and white segments, resembling the image of an airplane propeller, is the logo of the world-famous German brand BMW. Plants have been producing cars with this trademark for more than a hundred years, and every self-respecting car enthusiast dreams to sit down for at least a few minutes in the leather seat of the car and take hold of the steering wheel. The chic BMW x8 cross-coupe is one of the latest developments of German automobile concern and each motorist knows its smooth curves and rounded metallic radiator grill in memory. However, to see if this is indeed the case, the BMW 8 Series puzzle offers to put together a puzzle with a picture of this roaring beast. The picture of the car is divided into 16, 36, 64 and 100 even pieces, which must be assembled as quickly as possible.