"Bloo Kid 2" Game

Original title: Bloo Kid 2


This game is similar to the game Mario. So, the essence of the game, is that you need, to collect various prizes and kill monsters. To kill a monster, just jump out, on top of him. Have fun, you have fun!

Reach the end of the game - Bloo Kid 2

This game is ideal for both boys and girls of all ages. You can also play this game from both your computer and smartphone. If you're playing with a PC, use the arrow keys or touch keys - this is for android.

Also, remember that on the website of Zarium, you can play for free and without registration. Play and have fun, together with your friends. Compete, who has passed, more levels. Success to you, in our wonderful game. We are waiting, just for you!


The game can be controlled with the arrow buttons or the onscreen controls.
Press Left / Right to move
Press Up to jump
Press Down to leave platforms
Press Up while in the air for a double jump
Press Up while in water to swim
Destroy enemies by jumping on them