"Blocks8" Game

Game screenshots
Original title: Blocks8


The game of tetris is familiar to many people. We offer you to play a slightly different version. Here, too, there will be a playing field and objects of different shapes, which must be placed correctly. At the bottom you will have three figures consisting of small squares, all you need to put on the playing field. Once you put these three figures will appear new ones, and so on. You need to place them on the playing field so that they form a continuous straight line. In this case it will disappear from the playing field, making room for other figures. Remember that the figures have different shapes and sizes, so the playing field should always leave room for larger figures. If there is no space left on the field to place the figure, the level will be considered completed. Your task is to get as many points as possible. To play was more fun, arrange the competition with your friends. See who of you can get the most points. This app will help you have fun while passing the time, as well as train your attention and logical thinking.