"Baby Hazel Learns Shapes" Game

Original title: Baby Hazel Learns Shapes


Home is considered the first school of learning for children. Little Hazel is growing up, and from now on she needs to get smarter by learning new things. Let's give our little princess a lesson in learning shapes in a fun game form. Solve the puzzle with Hazel by placing the shapes in the right place.

Show your talent in the entertaining game Baby Hazel Learns Shapes!

Enjoy baking cookies in different shapes. Later, help her attach differently shaped beads to the necklace. Take her to the garden to learn how to combine different shaped play equipment. Successful completion of the game depends only on the time you allocate to complete the level or the whole game, lifting your spirits for the day ahead. The game has a beautiful design. Anyone can play it, regardless of age and gender, as there are no restrictions. The game helps to develop areas such as spatial orientation and attention.