"Triler Truck Simulator Off Road" Game

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Original title: Triler Truck Simulator Off Road


In Triler Truck Simulator Off Road you will become an employee of a large shipping company. You will be tasked with transporting cargo from one part of the country to another, and there will be various challenges along the way. After opening the application, you'll get behind the wheel of a huge truck. Immediately you will need to trailer, which is the cargo. Now it's time to go on the road. It is worth noting that the roads that you need to drive on are not always of good quality. Sometimes you will have to get on the road, along the way overcoming many obstacles. In addition to bad roads, you will be tested by the weather and a few surprises, which are better left in secret, to make things more interesting. The most important thing is not to give up and always remember your important mission. Deftly drive the truck, overcome all obstacles and by no means allow accidents. " Team Zat can't live a day without adventures. Only they were about to go on an excursion to the neighboring city, as it was suddenly invaded by dinosaurs. Now in the game DinoZ City heroes not without your help will have to protect the citizens from the aggressive prehistoric animals. Having burst into the city, dinosaurs began to destroy all in their path. They destroy buildings and attack people. To stop this, you will have to arm yourself well and bravely engage in battle with the monsters that came from the Jurassic period. To make sure you do not fail the mission and cope with prehistoric invaders, at the beginning of each level there will be a wooden sign waiting for you. With its help the game will kindly remind you which keys to use to control, as well as give you some hints.