"Top Shootout: The Pirate Ship" Game

Original title: Top Shootout: The Pirate Ship


Somewhere in the warm seas is a pirate ship, there is a prisoner held captive and all hope that you can defeat the pirates and return freedom to the stranger. But the pirates will not give up without a fight, you have to enter more than one battle with them, shoot accurately and quickly to win.

Play and fight with pirates

Pirates are unpredictable, they appear in unexpected places on the ship, you have to react quickly and shoot them if you do not want to die. Also they are insidious, sometimes a captive will appear with them, don't accidentally hit her, otherwise you will lose your life. Watch your ammo and replenish it in time. Try to pick up the chests with gold and extra cores, these boosters will help you in the game. You'll get extra points and prizes for killing a common pirate or boss. In each round of the game you have three lives, use them to kill as many pirates as possible.