"Sweet Candy Rush" Game

Original title: Sweet Candy Rush


They say that sweets are bad for you, but the game Sweet Candy Rush is absolutely safe for your health, playing it you definitely will not get healthy and get cavities, but to develop the ability to think logically and train your powers of observation it is a must.

When sweets are useful and even necessary in large doses

On the screen you will see a field of bright colored peas. You need to connect as many peas of the same color as possible with your mouse. As soon as you do it, they will disappear, and new ones will appear in their place and you will have to find and connect new lines. Do it quickly, because you have little time for one level and you have to collect as many peas as possible to get a good result in the game.

This game is addictive and addictive, because you want to "eat" as many peas and see how dexterous, attentive and fast you are. Enjoy sweet and healthy!