"Subaru BRZ Puzzle" Game

Original title: Subaru BRZ Puzzle


This is a fascinating puzzle game Subaru BRZ Puzzle. In it you need to put together a whole image of a picture that was previously fragmented into pieces. The pictures show different models of Subaru vehicles of different assembly years.

Show off the speed of thought process.

In the game there are only six pictures. But do not think that everything is so simple and you can easily cope. There are 4 modes of difficulty of the game. On the first level the picture is divided into 16 fragments, on the second - into 36, on the third - into 64, on the fourth - into 100.

The more fragments on the gaming table for the collection, the more interesting to play. Everyone's favorite puzzles are now available in online format for free and without downloading. Play just with any device that has an Internet connection. Come and test your logic and patience. One has only to start and you can not tear yourself away. Have fun and progress.