"Smash the Blocks" Game

Original title: Smash the Blocks


A great anti-stress toy for when you want to destroy everything around you. Your task in Smash the Blocks is to smash the colored blocks to clear the field and score points. You play with a white ball that has good bounce and powerful punching power. Colored blocks will drop down on the playing field from top to bottom. Shoot your ball at them to break them. When the ball hits a block and smashes it, it can change trajectory and hit a neighboring block, or fall to the ground and jump up again to smash the next block. Additionally, colored balls will appear on the playing field. Try to hit them to increase the power of your ball. If you hit a colored ball, the shot will be not one, but several items, and you can smash several blocks at once. Test your reaction speed and dexterity in this exciting game.