"Rescue The Charming Pup" Game

Original title: Rescue The Charming Pup


Embark on a dangerous adventure to rescue your pet, who has been kidnapped by your neighbor for ruining his flowerbeds. Quickly find your dog before the kidnapper returns. You'll have to solve a few puzzles to get into the house.

Save your friend in Rescue The Charming Pup

A crazy neighbor kidnapped your dog while he was walking outside and locked him in his house. You have nothing to do but rescue your four-legged friend. To do this you will have to enter someone's house and find the key of the cage where the dog is locked. There are several scenes in the game, each one has puzzles and riddles. Carefully look around all your surroundings for clues. You will need a keen eye, wit and logical thinking. Find all the clues, they will tell you where the neighbor hid the key to the cage. Bring your pet home you can only after you solve all the puzzles and find all the necessary items.