"Carriage House Escape" Game

Original title: Carriage House Escape


An enjoyable and colorful puzzle game whose goal is to free yourself from a locked house. The game is measured and calm, you are in no danger, you just want to get out of here.

Break your head in the game, solving the mysteries of the objects

You find yourself trapped in a nice and pleasant house of several rooms with interesting interior objects. To get out, you'll have to solve various puzzles and the most interesting thing is to first find the places where they are hidden or encrypted. Look around, every object can be active and lead you to your goal.

Calm game for logic and intelligence is perfect for fans of not extreme entertainment. There are no enemies in the house and there are no alarms, you will have enough time to move your brain.

Play Zarium and train your attention, logic and observation. We wish you a good time in this house, but still get out of there!