"Real oil Tanker Simulator Mania" Game

Original title: Real oil Tanker Simulator Mania


The game Real Oil Tanker Simulator Mania belongs to the category of adventure games. Driving a truck: transport on the hills and transporting oil around the city to different filling stations. This game will give you a lot of fun while driving a big oil tanker on different crazy stunts on off-road and in different urban environments. Driving an urban transport simulator with an Indian oil tanker driver is not an easy task, but if you play with perfection to drive our army truck, you will definitely be able to handle various transport tasks. There are many vehicles traveling around the world with all sorts of different commodities. In our game you can drive a huge oil tanker on wheels. Or, to put it simply, a gas tanker. Driving this vehicle has its own nuances, and you will understand them when you go on the road on the winding mountain roads.


Please use keyboard arrows